ASEA/AFSCME Local 52ASEA/AFSCME Local 52 achieves dignity and respect in the workplace for more than 8,500 state and municipal employees across Alaska through collective bargaining and advocacy involving working conditions, pay, evaluations, and benefits.

Recent Leave Donation Requests

Union members may request leave donations from fellow employees for use as sick leave. Both annual and personal leave can be donated to ASEA members in need. See Donated Leave Requests.

Brian Miller 300.0 hrs
Shawna Laderach 300.0 hrs
Krista White 150.0 hrs
Carrie Truett 150.0 hrs
Byron Moses 300.0 hrs

Committee Vacancies

Committee members serve an essential role in union operation, oversight, and representation.

If you are interested in serving on a committee showing a vacancy, please contact Joyce Winton about duties and eligibility.