Injury Leave Application Procedure Print E-mail

1. The purpose of the Injury Leave Bank is to provide paid leave to members who have suffered an on-the-job injury as the result of a physical assault.  Injury Leave is not available to anyone who does not meet this criteria.

2. Qualified individuals must apply to use leave from the Injury Leave Bank as soon as possible after they sustain the injury.  Pursuant to the collective bargaining agreement, the ASEA Business Manager is required to submit a written request for Injury Leave to the State within ten (10) calendar days from the date of the assault.  Consequently, failure of the individual to apply to ASEA for Injury Leave in a timely manner may result in the forfeiture of the employee’s opportunity to use leave from the Injury Leave Bank.

3. Qualified individuals must submit the following information to ASEA as soon as possible after they sustain the injury:

  • Completed ASEA/AFSCME Local 52 Injury Leave Bank Application;
  • Report of Occupational Injury, Form No. 07-6101 (this is a form the State is required to fill out and should be available from your supervisor); and
  • Doctor’s report or medical records indicating the nature and extent of your injury; and
  • Signed medical release.

4. Once an application is submitted, the ASEA Business Manager will determine if the individual qualifies for use of Injury Leave and, if so, how much leave will be approved.  At any given point in time, the amount of leave that will be approved depends on the availability of funds.  During initial start-up of the Injury Leave Bank, the amount of leave that will be approved will typically be limited to 22.5 hours (3 standard workdays).  Ultimately, it is hoped the fund balance will allow for the approval of Injury Leave sufficient to supplement the difference between the employee’s Workers Compensation Benefits and his/her base salary up to the maximum amount of Injury Leave available.  The maximum amount of Injury Leave available to any one individual during the three-year term of the collective bargaining agreement is one thousand (1,000) hours.

5. Applications for Injury Leave and all required documents must be submitted to ASEA either by mail or by fax at the following location:

ASEA Business Manager
1577 C Street, Suite 201
Anchorage, AK  99501
Tel. (907) 277-5200
Fax (907) 277-5206

6. The ASEA Business Manager is responsible for managing the Injury Leave Bank for the benefit of all members and therefore all decisions about whether an individual qualifies for Injury Leave or the amount of leave to be approved are within his/her sole judgment and discretion.