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***The FY2018 State Operating Budget has passed both chambers of the Alaska Legislature in different forms and will be reconciled by Conference Committee. The Conference Committee process is the last opportunity for budget amendments before the bill returns to the House and Senate for up-or-down votes.***

The Conference Committee members from the Senate are Sen. Lyman Hoffman (chair), Sen. Anna MacKinnon, and Sen. Donald Olson.

Conference Committee members from the House are Rep. Paul Seaton (chair), Rep. Neal Foster, and Rep. Lance Pruitt.

Significant differences exist between the competing versions of the Operating Budget. The Senate’s budget (and current working version) features language that outsources DMV duties.

***Please request that Conference Committee members remove language privatizing DMV services.***


The Senate budget includes the language: “It is the intent of the legislature that the Division of Motor Vehicles outsource administrative and licensing services to private sector business partners to the extent practicable.” This intent language directs the Administration to explore an expansion of DMV services that outside vendors can provide under current law.


The House version of the Operating Budget supports state services and the public employees who deliver them. Adoption of the House budget resolves problems introduced by the Senate.


Use one of the links below to create an email to all members of the Operating Budget Conference Committee!

Please remember you are communicating with legislators, PLEASE identify yourself and ALWAYS use a personal email address. ***DO NOT USE A STATE EMAIL ACCOUNT.***

Using a mobile device? Use this link!
Email Conference Comittee members to OPPOSE DMV PRIVATIZATION!

Sitting at a computer? Use this link!
Email Conference Comittee members to OPPOSE DMV PRIVATIZATION!



Dear Legislator,

As the Conference Committee reconciles the FY2018 Operating Budget, I request that you support the removal of DMV privatization intent language. DMV services are a state function. Outsourcing DMV paperwork acceptance to private vendors raises consumer costs and allows private contractors to gain possession of confidential information when Alaskans apply for an operating license or a federally required Real ID.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


For technical questions contact ASEA Information Officer Reber Stein This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..