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The Alaska State Employees Association marks the retirement of Jake Metcalfe, Executive Director for ASEA AFSCME Local 52 since January 1, 2018, who announced his retirement effective July 31. Brother Metcalfe shared his sentiments about his retirement in a message to members and staff:

Working at ASEA has been one of the greatest highlights of my career. It has been rewarding to support state & borough employees that keep Alaska running. While I had hoped to serve in this role much longer, I realized that I need to prioritize other aspects of my life at this time.

JM1 14jul22During his tenure, Brother Metcalfe guided the organization through numerous challenges. Many of these were met with ASEA victories. Winning case after case, ASEA and all public employees across the state now sit firmer in their ability to collectively bargain and maintain their power and influence over their working conditions, pay, and benefits. Additionally, each hurdle provided the opportunity for growth, evolution, and adaptation. Over the last several years, despite these challenges, and under Brother Metcalfe's guidance, we've seen member solidarity, connections, and programs increase and improve. With a robust response protecting public employees' rights, and successful negotiations with public employers, ASEA continues to be successful in maintaining a strong and influential membership.

Jake’s statement continued:

I am happy with what we have accomplished and know that ASEA’s future is bright. ASEA has stood up to every threat facing public employees in Alaska and for that, will be a reference and example cautioning future Administrations from attempting to disrupt or interfere with Alaska public employees’ rights of collective bargaining. 

Recent negotiations between the State of Alaska and ASEA on behalf of the General Government Unit (GGU) demonstrated that our Union can conduct difficult conversations about bargaining with the membership while still growing the quality of representation. Brother Metcalfe and the ASEA GGU Contract Negotiating Committee worked incredibly hard to deliver one of the strongest GGU contracts ASEA has secured in recent memory. Jake added:

We know that employers fear the collective power employees hold and have seen they will do anything to weaken or strip that power away. ASEA members have demonstrated time and again the power you hold by showing up to worksite meetings, showing up to bargaining sessions, and attending chapter meetings. So long as you continue to show up and stand up for your rights to organize and collectively bargain, you will never be defeated.

While Brother Metcalfe’s tenure included unprecedented and unique hurdles, it ends on a high note with strong three-year contracts for all bargaining units represented. 

In his statement, Jake concluded with: 

Alaska public service employees are our neighbors, our friends, and the keystones of our community. Alaskans are strong, organized, and committed to standing up for the freedoms and liberties in their workplaces that they deserve. It’s because ASEA members continue to show up, time and again, to demonstrate that collective bargaining and organizing are critical to a positive and fruitful experience in public service. 

To ASEA members: The work you do can at times be very challenging, but it is essential and immensely important work. You keep our state running at all levels.  It really was the honor of a lifetime to advocate for you, to stand with you, and support you in your efforts. While I am leaving this role, I will never stop supporting the important work you do, every day. 

I look forward to watching the trails you blaze and seeing where ASEA is headed as I know the future for ASEA and all ASEA members is bright. 

ASEA Staff and Executive Board sincerely appreciate Brother Metcalfe for guiding us through such critical times and keeping our Union strong. We have created a shared photo album that members can view, comment, and share other photos and memories you have. If you would like to wish Jake a happy retirement, feel welcome to respond to this email or comment in the photo album using the following link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/foQhygHnf5hktLJ97

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