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Gov. Walker released a proposed FY2018 Operating Budget placing a significant burden on State employees to bridge the revenue gap. This resource page for ASEA members will be updated regularly with developments, information, and action related to the impacts of the proposed FY2018 Operating Budget.

In addition to cutting hundreds of positions in the proposed FY2018 Operating Budget, the Administration has announced plans to privatize some of that work without feasibility studies or the opportunity for the Union to submit alternate proposals to retain State employees. Contracting out design work in the Dept. of Transportation & Public Facilities is the clearest example of privatization opposed by ASEA.

State employees also face an effort to freeze Merit Steps and Pay Increments. The Administration will push legislation to freeze Merit Steps and Pay Increments for non-unionized Exempt and Partially Exempt employees and will negotiate for the end of annual salary increases for unionized employees (like ASEA members) as current collective bargaining agreements expire.

The budget process begins with a proposal from the Governor that the Legislature considers and must pass before adjourning. Predicting the outcome of the legislative process and the final product is impossible, though is the opportunity for the Union, ASEA members, and the public to impress upon legislators the value of services and the need for revenue reform to stabilize the State Operating Budget.


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