ASEA/AFSCME Local 52 Political Action Committee (PAC)

The PAC is open to all members of ASEA and is not a committee under the jurisdiction of the Union.

The PAC is separately funded through voluntary contributions from members, retirees and friends of ASEA – no member dues are used.* Any contributing ASEA member can become a voting member of the PAC. Members are appointed as a Political Action Director and assigned to the Senate District in which they reside.


Why does ASEA have a Political Action Committee (PAC)?

There is a direct relationship between your negotiated monetary provisions in your contract and the state’s legislative branch.  ASEA negotiates the amounts and the legislative branch approves it – the operating budget, which also includes departmental budgets.

The PAC votes on legislation, whether to support, monitor or oppose. They develop and provide questionnaires to candidates to determine if they support the working-class members and labor.  Through those questionnaires, the PAC determines endorsements and contributions to candidates. Note: Contributions are limited to local candidates and cannot exceed $1,000 annually.

The ASEA PAC is solely funded through volunteer member contributions. You can contribute to the PAC for as little as $2.00 (two dollars) a pay period, and up to $20.00. The $5.00 contribution level will move you into the MVP level and is recognized at local and international union events.


To achieve legislative outcomes that benefit Alaskan workers

Certain worksite conditions or retirement cannot be bargained and must be go through the legislative process. Through legislation, we were able to achieve improvements for GGU employees, such as:

  • Limits for mandatory overtime for Nurses
  • Death benefit for 1st Responders
  • Case standards for Probation/Parole Officers


To secure monetary provisions negotiated in the contract

After your bargaining team and the employer’s team reach a tentative agreement (TA) on the contract, the members vote to ratify the negotiated changes into the contract. Thereafter, the employer provides the legislative branch the monetary increases to the contract. The legislature approves the funding. To secure the funding in your contract, ASEA must be diligent in speaking to Legislators to be sure they are aware of the monetary request for ASEA, and to answer any questions they have to make their decision. Labor-friendly legislators make the approval process less arduous.

APOC rules also prohibit any contributions to the PAC to leave Alaska. PAC funds are only used for state and local races in Alaska. The ASEA PAC does not contribute to Congressional and Presidential races on the national level.

Interested PAC Contributors may participate in the teleconference by contacting a PAC Director and requesting to be a guest on the teleconference, but have no vote. PAC Directors meet monthly on every third Tuesday at 5:15 pm, via Zoom. Members who have participated in two PAC meetings may become a voting director, through appointment by the committee. The PAC Rules provides for unlimited seats assigned to each Senate District.