State GGU Furlough Provisions on Hold

Dear GGU Member,

I previously informed all GGU members that the State had agreed to delay implementation until September or later our contract provision that requires the taking of 15 hours of furlough. I also advised you to not schedule or take any furlough hours until you received further information from me.

The State has again agreed to delay the implementation of GGU furlough hours because they are still in contract negotiations with the Supervisory Union. At my request they updated the Furlough Guidelines on the Division of Personnel Website to clearly state that GGU members are not required to take furlough hours at this time. You can view the Furlough Guidelines by clicking on the following link:

Management has assured me that they have informed all appropriate personnel that they should not be scheduling or requiring GGU members to take furlough hours. If your supervisor or other management personnel directs you to take or schedule furlough hours please refer them to the guidelines that can be found at the above link. You should also immediately inform your Business Agent if any management personnel attempts to require you to take or schedule furlough hours.

I will continue to keep you updated on regarding the furlough hour issue.

Jim Duncan
Executive Director