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A feasibility study conducted by WICHE was released in early March, at the beginning of the heightened awareness around the novel coronavirus outbreak in Alaska. The study, delayed by more than a year, considered the cost of outsourcing essential services currently performed by ASEA and APEA members who work at API. The “study” has been sent to the API Governing Body for review. The Governing Body will review the document later this month and then send its recommendations to Governor Dunleavy. An initial analysis conducted by ASEA staff found at least three main areas of concern that have been outlined in a letter to the API Governing Body as reasons to reject the “study”:

  1. The “study” does not include the required wage and salary analysis required for any feasibility study on outsourcing work and services as outlined in our collective bargaining agreement, in Article 13
  2. The “study” misrepresents the cost of the current State operation of API to make outsourcing API’s operation to a for-profit corporation look more cost effective than it is
  3. Contrary to the “study’s” claim, the continued operation of API by the State of Alaska would cost $3,875,000.00 less per year than outsourcing it to a for-profit private company

ASEA/AFSCME Local 52 hopes the Governing Body does the right thing and rejects the study. If they don’t, ASEA will continue to fight by all means to stop the outsourcing of essential public services at API.  

Important Note: The governing body is meeting on Thursday, April 23 at 1:30 pm and is open to the public. If you are able to attend on your personal time, go to https://stateofalaska.webex.com/stateofalaska/j.php?MTID=m278c0ddea2b866ab2ee2e8da7c5ad446

Meeting number: 288 673 892
Password: API123 (274123 from phones)

Or you can join by phone: (650) 479-3207
Code: 288 673 892

pdf ASEA Letter to API Governing Body (Apr. 13, 2020) (325 KB)