SOA GGU Bi-Weekly Payroll Update

Hello ASEA Member,

Thank you for all you do in these challenging times.

The state intends to carry out a semi-monthly to bi-weekly payroll conversion and several unions have signed letters of agreement for a June 1, 2020 implementation.

ASEA, however, continues to negotiate with the state on the issue and a tentative agreement has not yet been reached. Communication with the Administration remains open and ASEA hopes for a quick resolution to provide clarity and certainty for GGU employees while protecting their interests and honoring the contract.

Here is the nature of the disagreement: The state’s plan for a June 1, 2020 bi-weekly payroll conversion—effectively 25 pay periods—will pay employees less than the state’s previous 26-pay period proposal (bi-weekly beginning Dec. 2019) or the current 24-pay period semi-monthly payroll. Under the state’s June 1 plan for bi-weekly conversion, for example, an employee at range/step 14C would by paid $150 less by the end of the year. The $150 shortfall is a percentage of earnings for employees squarely in the middle of the pay ranges, so higher ranges would lose more and lower ranges less.

ASEA members are due what is owed under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement and ASEA is not willing to consent to implementing a bi-weekly payroll conversion that costs you in the neighborhood of $150 this year.

If an agreement is not reached, the GGU contract requires the state to continue to pay your full wages as it is doing now. It is unclear whether the state intends to proceed with a comprehensive bi-weekly payroll conversion or a partial conversion affecting only the participating bargaining units. ASEA believes the state cannot legally convert GGU members to bi-weekly payroll on June 1, 2020 without a letter of agreement, but members should prepare for the possibility the state will do so. If the state does implement outside an agreement with ASEA, we will challenge the action and will take every step necessary to ensure employees are compensated fairly.

The state’s posturing aside, ASEA has insisted from the beginning that union members deserve respectful consideration and to be made whole under the state’s obligations in the contract—no matter the timing of paychecks.

ASEA will notify members of developments while negotiations continue with the state over the bi-weekly payroll conversion. Thank you for your interest and your service.

In solidarity,

Jake Metcalfe
Executive Director