Class Action Grievance Filed over Work Expenses

On Tuesday, August 4, ASEA filed a class-action grievance on behalf of General Government Unit employees who have not been compensated for purchasing equipment, supplies, and services in order to perform state work. The grievance cites articles 28 and 29 of the ASEA-SOA Collective Bargaining Agreement which respectively read, “The employer shall not require bargaining unit members to furnish their own tools or work implements in order to perform work” and “Any safety equipment required by the Division of Labor Standards and Safety regulations to make a job safe shall be supplied by the employer.”

The relief sought by the grievance is for affected employees to be provided with the “necessary tools, equipment, and items to successfully complete their job duties. In addition, reimburse employees for extra expenses unnecessarily incurred since they have been working from home or remote offices…”

The grievance referenced multiple class action members who were using personal or purchased equipment, such as:

  1. Personal cell phone including data plans (e.g., work calls)
  2. Replacement phone when older cell phones were inadequate for work needs
  3. Headset for participate in meetings, etc.
  4. Computer/laptop (e.g., work projects)
  5. Laptop stand
  6. Printer
  7. Office Supplies (e.g., pens, paper, paper clips, etc.)
  8. Computer supplies (e.g., keyboard and mouse)
  9. Internet service plan for computers/laptops
  10. Internet service plan requiring the added expense of purchasing a router
  11. Office chair 
  12. PPEs for fieldwork/onsite visits (e.g., hand sanitizers, disposable masks, disinfecting wipes, plastic face shields, etc). 

Additionally, employees were told to purchase necessary equipment, supplies, and items they needed to work from home—all under the impression they would be reimbursed. Now the State is informing employees they will not be reimbursed at this time, if at all. ASEA filed this grievance to ensure the contract is honored and that ASEA members will be appropriately reimbursed for the costs and expense of providing personal equipment and services necessary to perform their work duties. 

If you had to incur additional expenses for any of the equipment listed above, or additional items not listed, please contact ASEA via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.