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On Monday, January 11, ASEA hosted a virtual pre-legislative town hall meeting with Representative Dan Ortiz, an Independent Representative serving the communities of Ketchikan, Metlakatla, Wrangell, Saxman, Hyder, Loring, and Meyers Creek. 

Rep Ortiz gave a quick overview of Alaska's financial situation, utilizing several slides from a Legislative Finance presentation.

Rep. Ortiz shared that Alaska used to be an oil state but over the last several years, the State has been running deficits without enough oil revenue to adequately fund services. 

Rep. Ortiz shared that it will be a difficult session and that the decision about the PFD will have long term impacts on the permanent fund into the future.

Stay tuned for future virtual legislative town hall announcements and events throughout the legislative session. In the meantime, members might be interested to visit the (award-winning) Alaska Legislative Website and the ASEA PAC bill tracking page on our website which tracks legislation of interest as well as any positions the ASEA PAC takes on certain pieces of legislation.

 If you are interested in receiving text reminders and notifications about Alaska Legislative updates, text AKLEG to 237-263.