Eligibility Clarification for 2015 Election

Dear ASEA Member,

Notice of Nominations for the 2015 ASEA election of State Executive Board members, Judicial Panel members and GGU Contract Negotiating Committee members will be mailed to your home address on Wednesday, Decemeber 10, 2014. The eligibility criteria for these positions is outlined in Articles 7, 11, and 12 of the ASEA Constitution. You can access the ASEA Constitution by clicking on the following link: http://www.afscmelocal52.org/index.php/union-leadership/governing-documents

Article 7 of the ASEA Constitution provides for the election of Occupational Board members. In this election the Occupational Representatives that will be elected are the Technical and Administrative Support representatives. Since our last election the State has changed occupational designations for certain job classifications by creating the new occupation designations of Clerical/Technical/Paraprofessional, Professional/Managerial, and Skilled Craft/Labor. The majority of the previous Administrative Support and Technical occupational designated positions have been moved by the State into the Clerical /Technical/ Paraprofessional occupational group, however, some of the previous positions designated as Technical have been moved by the State into the new Skilled Craft/Labor Occupational Group.

The ASEA State Executive Board in accordance with ASEA Policy and Procedure 24.00.000 has determined that even though the State has moved positions into new Occupational Groups this election will be conducted in accordance with the Occupational Groups provided in Article 7.02 C of the ASEA Constitution. Specifically, if your position was previously in the Occupational Group of Technical you are eligible to run for the Technical Representative seat. If your position was previously in the Administrative Support Occupational Group you are eligible to run for the Administrative Support seat.

If you have any questions regarding your Occupational Group please contact the Classification Section of the State of Alaska or your business agent.

Jim Duncan
Executive Director