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There have been a number of inquiries concerning COVID leave and this information hopefully will answer your questions and concerns as to what ASEA has done in your best interest as a state employee. Unless there is a change from the governor, we find ourselves in a situation where the State of Alaska will not implement any COVID Leave, however, ASEA continues to reach out to the State by relaying your concerns about your safety and the lack of COVID Leave. There is concern that each department has its own set of rules concerning sending employees home for any suspected COVID exposure. We have expressed to the State that there needs to be across the board consistency concerning COVID. ASEA continues to work for you to keep the workplace safe and to gain additional COVID Leave and protection for all GGU employees.

Below are the communications ASEA has sent to the Governor and the Department of Administration requesting to continue with the COVID Leave provisions, teleworking, and PPEs for the workplace. The two (2) links contained at the bottom of this correspondence are copies of the communications mentioned above.

ASEA was the first union to push for administrative COVID leave, and for other COVID safety measures. When the Governor failed to respond to our request, ASEA (again, the only public employer union to take action) sued the state over the state's unwillingness to implement safety measures. While the Court denied our injunction request, the suit forced the state to implement telework and to provide more and better safety equipment to members 

We've continued to push for COVID leave through the spring and summer of 2020 and 2021. The Rescue Act funded COVID leave. That funding ended sometime in early 2021. Since the funding ended, ASEA has pushed the state to provide that leave.  Most recently, In January 2022, the State again denied ASEA’s COVID leave request.

Dear Governor Dunleavy:

I appreciate the steps your Administration has taken to protect Alaskans from the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 infections. Based on developments over the weekend, the time has arrived to extend those protections—for the benefit of employees and the public alike—by preparing to close state offices in order to slow the rate of infections and stretch medical resources.

As you know, public employees across the state are anxious and worried about workplace infection and the adequacy of plans to mitigate the risks. ASEA/AFSCME Local 52 represents nearly 8,000 public employees and many of our members are writing to me with concerns about their safety in the workplace. Here is an example:

“Employees have kids in school which is now closed to protect their kids. But their parents are having to take leave because the state won’t close or grant exceptions for small children’s parents. Even though I don’t have kids, my office has single parents who I care about.

On top of it, as someone who is in the high-risk category for infection, I’m nervous that the infection will spread through my coworkers that can’t or won’t stay home. What’s the plan? It’s not like I can stay home because of the leave policy at my work. Even though they’ve relaxed it, it’s nerve-wracking to have to make decisions like that.”

ASEA requests that you take immediate measures to reduce infectious transmission and to relieve employee anxiety over workplace safety. I believe it is imperative that you implement the following actions as soon as possible:

1) Announce a policy of minimizing direct contact between state employees and the public wherever possible in the interest of public safety.

2) Notify non-essential state employees that official office closures resulting in employees being sent home will be handled with administrative leave.

3) Make telework mandatory for all who can.

4) Inform your Class 1 and other mandatory employees that all work will be compensated.

5) Ensure that proper safety equipment, cleaning supplies, and infection prevention training are available for employees whose work requires it.

We look forward to your prompt reply on these issues affecting Alaska’s hard-working public employees as we all take precautions for ourselves, our families, our co-workers, and our communities.

Thank you and stay safe.

In solidarity,

Jake Metcalfe
Executive Director


See also:

pdf ASEA Metcalfe Letter to SOA LR Sheehan Re: COVID-19 Safety Measures (Jan. 14, 2022) (221 KB)

pdf Supplement to Sheehan Letter Restore COVID Measures and Mitigations (Jan. 14, 2022) (299 KB)

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