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Wage Increases on July 1 & Leave Cash-in Requests

As I think most of you know, your contract negotiations committee worked hard and was successful in negotiating wage increases for GGU members beginning July 1 (still pending the governor’s signature). 

For members that are planning to cash in leave, and wish to do so at the higher wage value, the request must come in for the first pay period in which the wage increase has gone into effect – which is the pay period beginning on July 9 and ending on July 22 *not the pay period ending on July 8*

So if that is your plan and goal, make sure to get your request in after the 9th, and not before.

See State of Alaska bi-weekly pay calendar

Holidays and your Floating Holiday

GGU members will see their floating holiday credited and available in their leave accounts beginning in the second pay period in July. See item 13 below:

Holiday List:

  1. The first of January, known as New Year's Day;
  2. The third (3rd) Monday in January, known as Martin Luther King, Jr., Day; 
  3. The third (3rd) Monday in February, known as President's Day; 
  4. The last Monday in March, known as Seward's Day; 
  5. The last Monday in May, known as Memorial Day
  6. The 4th of July, known as Independence Day; 
  7. The first (1st) Monday in September, known as Labor Day; 
  8. The 18th of October, known as Alaska Day; 
  9. The 11th of November, known as Veterans’ Day; 
  10. The fourth (4th) Thursday in November, known as Thanksgiving Day; 
  11. The 25th of December, known as Christmas Day; 
  12. Every day designated by public proclamation by the Governor of Alaska as a legal holiday. 
  13. One additional day shall be treated as a floating holiday and shall be credited and available for use to the employee’s leave account on the first day of the second pay period in July.