SCOTUS Denies Dunleavy Appeal v. ASEA

This is good news for ASEA, yet we can’t help reflecting on the price Alaskans paid to reach this conclusion. The Governor pursued a politically motivated, frivolous lawsuit to waste untold hours and more than a million dollars during one of the largest public service crises in our state’s history. Alaska’s public workforce showed up on the frontlines of the pandemic to help Alaskans despite being largely short-staffed and underfunded. The Governor returned the favor by seeking to undermine their rights to bargain collectively for better wages, benefits, and working conditions.

ASEA hopes the Administration will focus now on pragmatic solutions for recruiting and retaining public employees. ASEA will continue to advocate for paying workers fairly and timely for the work they do, treating employees with respect, and providing incentives to stay—like a secure retirement. I’m proud of our union members and our team and I’m excited to forge ahead for the benefit of public employees and all working Alaskans.

Heidi Drygas
Executive Director