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ASEA Members,

We are quickly approaching a legislative tipping point for the defined benefit retirement bill SB 88. The risk is real that the bill will not advance unless the State House makes it a priority.

After passing the Senate, SB 88 was transmitted to the State House—where it was promptly relegated to a State Affairs subcommittee by the chair despite compelling evidence SB 88 will address the public sector recruitment/retention crisis and is a long term money saver for the state.

For the first time in nearly 20 years, public employees enrolled in Tier IV PERS retirement (and educators in TERS Tier III) stand a real chance at seeing a pension reinstated.

I highly encourage you to use the link below to complete a form that shares your message of support for SB 88 with Alaska’s lawmakers. Please share a short message that SB 88 deserves a committee hearing in time to reach the House floor before the Alaska Legislature adjourns.


In solidarity,

Heidi Drygas
Executive Director