Juneteenth Becomes a State Holiday

Governor Dunleavy signed Senate Bill 22 into law on Thursday, June 27. This bill adds Juneteenth (June 19) to the list of state holidays and will be observed starting next year.

Juneteenth Gray Jackson BundickASEA President Dawn Bundick (right) joined SB 22 sponsor Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson (center) and Alaska AFL-CIO Political Director Kim Hays at the signing ceremony

Since congress and local municipalities passed this into their respective laws, state employees have been seeking the same. ASEA Executive Director Heidi Drygas applauded the Legislature for recognizing Juneteenth as a state holiday and looks forward to celebrating our first Juneteenth holiday together next year.

For a full list of current state holidays, see Article 24.01 in our collective bargaining agreement.