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GGU Welcome

Welcome to State Service and ASEA!

We encourage all new, transferred, or returning General Government Unit (GGU) state employees to take these three steps first:

  1. Eligible employees must contact the ASEA Health Benefits Trust (aseahealth.org) in the first 30 days after hire (or transfer) to select the health care plan that is best for you. The default plan is the full coverage family plan (Plan A), and is the most expensive plan.
  2. Sign up for New Employee Member Orientation (NEMO) to learn about your contract, benefits, and professional services available to ASEA and bargaining unit members. Sign up for a Tuesday noon or late afternoon session by submitting a form or contacting our office by phone or email
    1. Form (currently offline)
    2. Call (907) 277-5200
    3. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. Become an ASEA member! ASEA is a member-run, member-dependent organization that relies on a strong membership to continue providing for strong contracts, fair wages, incredible member benefits, discounts and much more! Membership is a choice. Learn more about the benefits of membership below.


Member-only benefits

ASEA is your union. The strength of our contract, benefits, and conditions at work rely on a strong membership.

ASEA members:

  • Have a say on their wages, benefits and working conditions by serving as a contract negotiator or voting on your contract
  • Receive professional training on the contract when serving as a union steward
  • Receive on-site CPR and First Aid training FREE via AFSCME Health & Education services when available
  • Attend conferences around Alaska and United States
  • Receive $2,000 in Affordable Dental Care through the Pacific Dental Alliance
  • Get 20% off AT&T service plus $10 off per phone line
  • Apply for AFSCME, Union Plus, and ASEA Chapter Scholarships and Tuition Reimbursement programs
  • Receive discounted or free online college programs through Eastern Gateway Community College
  • Earn a discount on YMCA membership in Alaska
  • Qualify for countless additional savings programs, discounts, and resources through Union Plus and AFSCME Advantage
  • Serve on or attend local Chapter meetings and events


Membership Matters

Collective bargaining delivers results. When you sign up for ASEA membership, you join the effort to negotiate a better contract impacting your wages, leave accrual, holidays, health care contributions, health trust coverage, and legal trust benefits. All of these benefits rely on a strong and healthy membership. Of course, contracts are not about the benefits alone--your membership supports a contract that protects against furloughs, firing without cause, poor working conditions, unpaid overtime, and so much more.


Become an ASEA Member!