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Dear ASEA members,

Gov. Mike Dunleavy earlier this week released an opinion by his attorney general that proposed radical, extreme and illegal changes to how the State of Alaska does payroll deductions for union members. The proposal is a naked attempt to inflict irreparable harm upon ASEA members and other public employees and their unions.

Despite the governor’s claim to the contrary, the rights of union members—those employees who choose to join their union—are not affected by Janus. Alaska law ensures public employees have the right to join a union, and also have the right to pay their union dues through payroll deduction if they so choose.

And it is patently false for the governor to state that by joining a union, employees are “waiving” a First Amendment right. Indeed, the overriding constitutional principle is this: By joining a union and paying union dues, you are exercising your protected First Amendment right to associate with a union and engage in associational speech.

This proposal is obviously illegal. It’s based on an anti-worker ideology that employees should have no power in the workplace, no representation, no right to negotiate wages, benefits or working conditions. No voice.

ASEA won’t let this happen. ASEA and all the other Alaska public employee unions are prepared to fight this unconstitutional power grab at every stage.

The CBA you negotiated—and the law—are on the side of public employees. ASEA members and the previous administrations negotiated a fair CBA and the legislature passed strong laws that support your rights. The governor needs to follow the contract and the law.    

Please call or write me if you have questions. Let’s not rest until we defeat this illegal move.

In Solidarity,

Jake Metcalfe
Executive Director