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ASEA committees have been created and established by ASEA members to work on specific member issues. Committee work can be fulfilling, productive, and a meaningful part of membership. The purpose of committees is to bring members together to share ideas, perspectives, and to identify issues unique to the group. Committees may develop strategies, ideas, and suggestions for addressing issues and submit their recommendations to the State Executive Board, through the Executive Director.

Committees are comprised of ten (10) ASEA members across 6 geographic regions and/or by occupation or job class. 

The frequency of meetings and scope of work varies. Read more about each committee on our website. 

Interested in joining? Send your letter of interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

ASEA Pride Committee- 4 vacancies

Class 1 Committee - 4 vacancies

Conservative Caucus Committee (NEW!) - 8 vacancies

DOT Special Issues Committee - 7 vacancies

DPA Committee - 4 vacancies

Nurses Committee - 6 vacancies

Veterans Committee - 4 open seats*

Women's Issues Committee- 1 vacancy and 1 open seat*

Bush Community Committee - 9 seats available

Probation/Parole Committee - 1 seat available

 See  pdf Committee Solicitations for July 2021 (183 KB)  for vacancies and more information.

*An open seat can be occupied by a member from outside the designated seat (pro tem)