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  • Our ASEA Contract Negotiating Committee (CNC) met with the State of Alaska’s Bargaining team on October 11 and 12 in the first negotiating session.
  • Both parties agreed to the External Ground Rules (rules that govern the negotiating session). The rules allow ASEA Members to observe the negotiating session.
  • On Indigenous Peoples’ Day, our CNC offered Article 24 (Holidays) proposing to add Juneteenth, June 19, and Indigenous Peoples’ Day, October 11 as recognized State holidays. 
  • There were eight (8) articles that our CNC and the State’s Negotiators tentatively agreed (TA’d) needed no changes to current contract language (book language).

Article 5 – No Strike or Lockout
Article 6 – Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action
Article 8 – Emergency Personnel
Article 35 – Educational Advancement and Training
Article 37 – Conclusion of Bargaining
Article 38 – Savings and Separability
Article 39 – Superseding Effect of this Agreement
Article 40 – Legislative Action

  • There were three (3) articles that our CNC and the State’s Negotiators TA’d following exchange of proposals between the parties.

Article 1 – Union Recognition and Representation
Article 7 – Labor-Management Committees
Article 41 – Availability of this Agreement

  • The next bargaining session will take place on October 25 and 26 via Zoom.

ASEA members are eligible to observe contract negotiations with the State of Alaska (SOA). Registration is required to receive a link to the Zoom meeting. Participation is limited to Zoom connections only, no call-ins. Observers must remain muted but be prepared to introduce themselves.

ASEA and SOA adopted the following agreement related to negotiating sessions conducted by video or audio conferencing: Negotiating sessions will be administered in a way to prevent unauthorized participation. Each Chief Spokesperson will be responsible for providing access information to their respective participants. Any participant not willing to identify themselves, or who has no bona fide reason to be involved in the bargaining session, may be denied access by either party.

Sign up for text alerts by texting GGUCNC to the six-digit number: 237-263

  • Visit the CNC webpage: afscmelocal52.org/CNC to contact the CNC members or obtain copies of this and future bargaining updates.