Class Action Grievance Filed over Space Standards

ASEA/AFSCME Local 52 has filed a class action grievance over the State of Alaska's new Universal Space Standards policy. The greivance follows an earlier request by ASEA Executive Director Jim Duncan to Ms. Hultberg that the Universal Space Standards be abandoned.

Duncan Letter to Hultberg on Universal Space Standards (Jul. 1, 2013)

The request to suspend implementation of the Universal Space Standards was dismissed by Curtis Thayer, Deputy Commissioner of Administration, in his response to Mr. Duncan.

Thayer Reply on Universal Space Standards (Jul. 3, 2013)

ASEA Business Agent Mike Robbins submitted the grievance with a letter to Administration Commissioner Becky Hultberg today, July 10.

Letter on Universal Space Standards Grievance to Hultberg (Jul. 10, 2013)
Class Action Grievance on Universal Space Standards (Jul. 10, 2013)

In this response to Step III of the class action grievance, the state maintains its actions are within the reserved rights of management.

State Responds to Class Action Grievance (Aug. 6, 2013) 

The state rejected grounds for resolving the class action grievance. On Wednesday, Aug. 21, the union filed Step IV in the grievance process--a formal request for arbitration. The following Friday an arbitrator was selected. Although dates will be subject to availability of the arbitrator and state, ASEA will seek to have the arbitration conducted as soon as possible.

The Step IV cover letter from ASEA Business Agent Mike Robbins identifies relevent contract articles including 3 (concerted activities), 6 (disparate treatment of classified employees), 32 (failure to consider parking), 35 (use of education and training money for remodel), and various past practices (privacy, comfortable work space, confidentiality, etc.) as having not been considered by the state.

Step IV Grievance on Universal Space Standards (Aug. 21, 2013)

Update: Arbitration for the Universal Space Standards Class Action Grievance is scheduled for May 5-9, 2014 in Anchorage.

UPDATE: State Refuses to Proceed with Grievance (Apr. 2014)

Do you have concerns about how Universal Space Standards will affect you? Please take a Workspace Survey to help ASEA oppose this policy.