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The Anchorage Chapter has established a Solidarity Assistance Program (SAP) to assist members facing significant challenges as a result of COVID-19 state of emergency. The goal of SAP is to supplement the COVID-19 information provided by ASEA Communications Team (ACT), as well as third party organizations such as http://www.211.org, by assisting members in locating resources and assistance that may help meet their specific needs.

SAP is designed to help individual members in two ways.

To assist members in locating resources or programs that may provide assistance. There are a lot of resources and assistance programs available but the volume of information available can be overwhelming and challenging to navigate. Also, resources and assistance programs available are continually being added or updated with information changing almost daily.

To provide grant assistance to members. Many of our members are facing severe hardships during the current state of emergency and may need a little bit of a helping hand. Maybe it is a little help with groceries until payday or while waiting for other assistance. The grant assistance is intended to help members who are facing an immediate hardship due to COVID-19 emergency while waiting for other assistance.

If you or a co-worker needs a helping hand or you would like more information about the Solidarity Assistance Program, please see the SAP FAQ for answers to many of your questions or you may email your questions to SAP at SAPinfo@afscmelocal52.org.

Jodi Andres
SAP Coordinator | Anchorage | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 334-2524
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